2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu Wiki

Seiin High School (清陰高校 Seiin Koukou) is a high school located in Nanafu City, Fukui Prefecture.


The school uniform consists of a white shirt and black trousers for males, and a black pleated skirt for females. Students wear red ties and dark green blazers. Female students also wear black midcalf socks.

The boys' volleyball uniform consists of a navy blue jersey with sky blue and white stripes on the sleeves and corresponding navy blue shorts. The player's position number and the name of the school are printed on the front of the jersey in sky blue text with a white outline. On the court, players wears white volleyball shoes with black accents

Volleyball Club[]

The Volleyball Club wasn't particularly good until Kimichika Haijima and Yuni Kuroba (both 1st years) joined the club.

Haijima is a setter known as a genius and was one of the top 6 players in Tokyo in his Middle School days. He was part of the powerhouse middle school team, Meisei Academy. Kuroba is a wing spiker with good potential, power, and outstanding physical abilities and is considered the Ace of Seiin despite only being a first year. His main weakness is that he tends to get nervous, which affects his performance greatly and can lead to major mistakes during matches.

Seiin also have unique members; the 163cm wing spiker and hot blooded captain, Oda; the talended and sharp-tongued vice-captain, Aoki: and the 2nd year Kanno, who is always wearing long sleeves due to his allergy to the sunlight.

With these members, Seiin become a force to be reckoned with, capable of being the only team that can challenge Fukuho Tech, who is the strongest team in the Fukui Prefecture.


Name Position Year Status
Ichijōdani Coach ? Active

Boys' Volleyball Club

Name Number Position Year Status
Shinichiro Oda #1 Captain / Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter 3rd Year Active
Misao Aoki #2 Vice Captain / Middle Blocker 3rd Year Active
Naoyasu Uchimura #3 Wing Spiker / Outside Hitter 2nd Year Active
Akito Kanno #4 Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter 2nd Year Active
Kazuma Hokao #5 Libero 2nd Year Active
Yuni Kuroba #7 Wing Spiker / Ace / Outside Hitter 1st Year Active
Kimichika Haijima #8 Setter 1st Year Active
Yusuke Okuma #10 Middle Blocker 2nd Year Active

Girls' Club

Name Number Position Year Status
Suemori Ibara ? Wing Spiker 2nd Year Active

Inter-High Preliminaries Final Tournament (Fukui) (1 year prior)[]

First Round

  • Seiin High School vs ??? (1:2 / ??, ??)

Fall Tournament (Fukui) (1 year prior)[]

First Round

  • Seiin High School vs ??? (2:0 / ??, ??)

Second Round

  • Seiin High School vs ??? (0:2 / ??, ??)

Spring Tournament Preliminaries (Fukui) (1 year prior)[]

First Round

  • Seiin High School vs ??? (0:2 / ??, ??)

Inter-High Preliminaries Final Tournament (Fukui)[]

First Round

  • Seiin High School vs Kita High School (?:2 / ??, ??)

Fall Tournament (Fukui)[]

In the Fall Tournament, Seiin made it to the Top 4 in the Prefecture, but had to withdrew due to a fight involving Kuroba.

Semi Final

  • Seiin High School vs ??? ( Match forfeited due to Seiin withdrawing)

Spring Nationals Fukui Prefecture Representative Play-Offs[]