2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu Wiki

Monshiro Middle School (Japanese: 門城中学校 Monshiro chūgakkō) is a middle school located in the Fukui Prefecture.


Volleyball Club[]

Before Haijima joined Monshiro, there wasn't a volleyball club. When he joined as a 2nd year, he started gathering members one by one and gathered enough to enter the Middle School Tournament in their 3rd Year.

The Volleyball Club reached the Top 4 of the tournament, but lost the match and forfeited the 3rd place play-off, hence losing the chance of going to the Hokushin'etsu Regional Championship.


Name Number Position Year Status
Yuni Kuroba #1 Ace / Wing Spiker 3rd Year Active
Kimichika Haijima #2 Setter 3rd Year Active
Ryo Nagato #3 Middle Blocker 3rd Year Active
? #4 Middle Blocker ? Active
? #5 Wing Spiker ? Active
? #6 Libero ? Active
? #7 ? ? Active
? #8 ? ? Active

Fukui Prefectural Middle School Summer Sports Tournament[]

First Round

  • Monshiro Middle School vs Haruyama Middle School (2:0 / 25-17, 25-13)

Second Round

  • Monshiro Middle School vs Tahara Middle School (2:? / 25-? , 26-24)

Semi Final

  • Monshiro Middle School vs ??? (??:2 / ??)

3rd Place Play-off

  • Monshiro Middle School vs ??? (Match Forfeited by Monshiro)