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2.43: Seiin High School Boys' Volleyball Team (2.43 清陰高校男子バレー部 2.43, Seiin Koukou Danshi Baree-bu) is a volleyball light novel series written by Yukako Kabei and illustrated by Aiji Yamakawa. It began serialization on Shueisha's Renzaburo site in 2012 and released in tankobon volumes starting in 2013, and then released in bunkobon volumes under the Shueisha Bunko imprint starting in 2015.


  • Yukako Kabei, the author, made his debut in 2003 with "Kiri The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness". He has authored numerous books, including the "Summer Cider" and "Goryu Sekai" series, as well as light novels and youth novels.
  • Aiji Yamakawa, the illustrator, debuted with "I think of you" published in Deluxe Margaret. "Stand Up!" All 4 volumes, "Yajirobee" all 2 volumes, collaboration comic "Friend's Story" (Original: Kazune Kawahara) and many more.


Hajima, who had a serious trouble with the powerful junior high school volleyball team in Tokyo, moved to Fukui, his mother's hometown where he spent his childhood, and reunited with his childhood friend Yuhito Kurobane.

Kuroba, who has outstanding physical ability but is weak against pressure, and Haishima, who has just caused friction with the surroundings due to his overwhelming passion and talent for the valley, will grow as an ace combination. However, a collision at the last prefectural tournament in junior high school...

In isolation, the two go on to the local Seiin High School. Waiting in the men's volleyball club were the hot-blooded captain Oda, who is 163 cm tall, and the second-year students, including the talented and poisonous tongue deputy captain Aoki's third-year combination and the coffin field with long sleeves and long pants who are allergic to sunlight.

The new volleyball club will eventually break the shell of a weak team and grow into a presence that is attracting attention as a rising star in Fukui. Attractive rivals that stand in the way are appearing one after another!


Image Name Profile
Character kuroba.png Yuni Kuroba Seiin High School first year. The only son of a landowner in Mondai Town, a corner of Fukui Prefecture. He started playing volleyball in earnest after reuniting with his childhood friend, Haishima. Boasting outstanding physical ability, he is vulnerable to pressure and tends to fail at the crucial point.
Character haijima.png Kimichika Haijima Seiin High School first-year. When he was in kindergarten, he moved to Tokyo due to his family's circumstances. Although he attended a strong junior high school in the valley, he was absent from school due to a certain incident and returned to Fukui. He doesn't understand the feelings of others and just causes friction. A volleyball idiot who only thinks about volleyball.
Character kanno.png Akito Kanno Seiin High School second-year. Because of his health, he can't exercise for a long time outdoors, so he participates in the indoor practice of the women's volleyball club during outdoor training. HE has been playing volleyball since he was in junior high school.


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