2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu Wiki

Kazuma Hokao ((Japanese: 外尾一馬) Hokao Kazuma) is a second-year student at Seiin High School. He serves as the libero on the boys' volleyball team.


Hokao has short black hair and black eyes.

During matches, he wears the libero's version of the volleyball uniform – a sky blue jersey with navy blue and white stripes on the sleeves and corresponding navy blue shorts. His position number, 5, and the name of the school are printed on the front of the jersey in navy blue text with a white outline. On the court, he wears white kneepads and white volleyball shoes with black accents.




  • Nomenclature
    • His given name Kazuma means "one", "first" (一)(kazu) and "horse" (馬)(ma).
    • His surname Hokao means "outside" (外)(hoka) and "tail" (尾)(o).