Fukuho Technical High School (Japanese: 福邦工業高校) is a high school in Fukui City, the capital of Fukui Prefecture.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

Volleyball Club[edit | edit source]

They are considered the strongest team in Fukui, having represented the Prefecture both in the Inter-High and Spring Tournaments over the last 7 years.

Their most notable player is Subaru Mimura, a wing spiker known as the "The Demon Bazooka".

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Position Year Status
- Coach - Active
Mitsuomi Ochi Manager 3rd Year Active

Name Number Position Year
Subaru Mimura #1 Captain/Wing Spiker/Ace Player 3rd Year
Issei Asamatsu #2 Middle Blocker 3rd Year
Jungo Takasugi #3 Middle Blocker 3rd Year
Kohei Tokura #4 Wing Spiker 2nd Year
Ryudai Jinno #5 Relief Server 3rd Year
Tomoki Kakegawa #11 Setter 2nd Year
Keita Yanome #12 Wing Spiker 2nd Year
Yuhi Sawatari #13 Libero 3rd Year

Inter-High Tournament[edit | edit source]

In the Inter-High, Fukuho Tech made it to the best 16.

First Round

  • Fukuho Tech High School vs ??? (2:?)

Second Round

  • Fukuho Tech High School vs ??? (2:?)

Third Round

  • Fukuho Tech High School vs Amasaka Shōgyō High School (0:2 / ?-25, 18-25)
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